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Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga has been cultivating smiles and happiness with Colorado goat herds since May 2017! Established and founded by entrepreneur Jim Naron, he has been working endlessly to create Colorado's goat yoga culture with a team of dedicated staff.

Since our beginning RMGY has worked with several goat herds, rescues, ranches and farms. Not only do we strive to provide the best goat yoga events in Colorado but we also work hard to provide other unique services like Baby Goat Grams.

We pride ourselves on our sanitation controls and our safety policies that create a safe and sanitary event, every time! If you have attended our lessons, you will notice how well our farmhands are trained and how alert they need to be to make your experience perfect!

All of our goats are also trained! We work with the herds from around 3 weeks old when we start bottle feeding them. It isn't uncommon for a doe to reject one of her kids and we are happy to be their surrogates. The farmers we work with do most of the upbringing but the tricks and stunts are the result of RMGY training. These goats are truly goat yoga pros!

When humans interact with animals in this way, their brain releases a chemical called Oxytocin and reduces the production of the hormone called Cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone that we all produce from hard and long hours at work. Staying up late on that homework assignment or any other life related issue.

From a biological stand point, we are literally relieving stress in humans with goats.

We enjoy cultivating smiles and happiness in Colorado! We are honored that Colorado has given us a huge warm welcome and we are excited to create the goat yoga culture in this beautiful state!

Come join us at a lesson or watch one of our silly highlight videos. Either way, we hope you enjoy spreading the gift of kindness just like we do.

Much Love and Baby Goats!

~Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga