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Robyn Landis, ACE-Certified Fitness Trainer / Health Coach / Author

Robyn Landis is a nature-passionate, outdoors-loving holistic health coach/consultant, certified fitness trainer, fitness nutrition specialist and "joyful self-care instigator." She is the bestselling author of BodyFueling and Herbal Defense (Warner Books), and the forthcoming NOURISHED. A one-woman transformational boot camp and mind-body revolutionizer, she helps tired and out-of-shape leaders, visionaries, and changemakers (or aspiring ones!) to fuel their bodies and nourish their lives—with joy, clarity, and a sense of choice. She pinpoints exactly what is needed to achieve the body and energy that’s fit for your purpose/passions—AND to become powerful and unstoppable in living it. 

Through speaking and individual/group training, consulting and coaching, Robyn empowers people to become "athletes of their lives": super-informed *and* deeply inspired to optimally eat-move-sleep-unstress, to get strong, lean, and energized—for good.

Robyn synthesizes her 25 years of experience and study with the latest research—discerning what truly matters for high performance, optimal health, and ageless beauty. Her holistic, intelligent mind-body approach infuses both science and spirit, information and inspiration. She eliminates focus on irrelevant “weight” and “magic bullet solutions," and integrates food, movement, rest, meditation and natural healing. Fuel your self, nourish your life, power your purpose—in a body primed for performance and pleasure.

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