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Robert Johnson

Having gotten his first computer at age 12 in 1986, Robert has always had a facination with computers and programming. He grew up on a working beef ranch in NE Oklahoma and learned to weld and fabricate metal from his father who had retired from oil field service work. Mechanical and electrical tasks came easy and the love of all things technical led him to the HVAC field where he enjoyed a 20+ year career owning and operating a mechanical contracting business. He loved to teach employees the HVAC trade and found it came naturally. It was during that career that he began to use a Plasmacam (Samson) table to cut sheet metal for ductwork and fittings. As the HVAC business became less lucrative it was time for a change and moving to metal art and sign fabrication sounded fun! After a move to Tahlequah, Oklahoma in 2015, he founded 490 Creations to be able to work at the home shop and be home to raise his then 2 year old and her 14 year old brother. During that time he honed his skill at CAD drawing and using Design Edge to its full potential with that experience of computers at an early age really coming in handy!

Fast forward to today, Robert has a love to teach the technical skills he's acquired! He participates in several online forums and Facebook groups and uploade instructional videos occasionally to help other Plasmacam owners learn about their tables, plasma cutting, and their software. After overwhelming requests to provide one-on-one, in person training by people across the country, he started to research the best, most cost-effective way to make that a possibility. By holding regional 3-day workshops around the country, he hopes to meet that need and help his fellow Plasmacam owners shorten the learning curve and get their tables and files working well quickly! Robert founded Learn PC, LLC in 2018 and is looking forward to meeting, helping, and making friends with Plasmacam owners across the country!

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