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Rob & Cara Lane

Rob and Cara Lane’s passion for creating a lasting marriage began before they even tied the knot. What turned out to be an almost impossible relational endeavor, their dating relationship experienced great challenges and opposition. Upon the wishes and desires of some closest to them to not get married, they held steadfast to their commitment and love for each other.

Despite the odds against them, they believed they were to get married and so they did. In the end, their wedding ceremony was a clear example of commitment, forgiveness and perseverance.  Rob and Cara’s strong determination and sheer grit proved their love was real. The incredible support and encouragement from their close friends and some family members along with their strong faith helped carried them through those difficult times.  

Rob and Cara are not afraid to share with couples the struggles and challenges their relationship has experienced in their marriage, especially early on. During their journey of relationship, they have both worked hard at making their marriage work and last. Rob and Cara are quick to conclude that their marriage is by no means better than any other marriage. As well, it doesn't mean that every marriage has to look like their marriage. What it does mean though is that Rob and Cara have real purpose in their marriage which is to give back to other marriages by coaching, mentoring and modeling a success story.

Rob and Cara’s marriage has always been the mainstay for strength in the midst of all the ups and downs of everyday life. The road they have traveled in their own marital relationship as well as close friends who have experienced marital distress helped birth The Marriage Lane. The purpose of The Marriage Lane is to help merge two lives into one. You will discover the passion for this cause the minute you meet them!

Rob holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology and is an ordained minister. Cara is a professional trainer and speaker and has a contagious passion for encouraging empowering women in their lives.  They have two sons, a dog named MoJo and live in Northern California.


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