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Rick Goltz

Hello!  I'm Rick Goltz, owner at Better Body For Me.  I look forward to meeting you and please feel free to contact me before the event if you'd like to ask some questions or just say hello. 


Rick Goltz, owner Better Body For Me Weightloss Clinic

My passion is to inspire and motivate you to achieve optimum health, fitness, strength and energy. Today, tomorrow and every day for the rest of your life. I do this through exercise, as well as proper nutrition and supplementation.


I grew up as skinny kid that loved football. I learned that in order to pursue my passion I had better become bigger and stronger. So I learned that proper nutrition and exercise was the key. I learned well and played pro football for 10 years in the National and Canadian football leagues. Now I am in the Woodlands TX and work as a fitness and weight loss coach. The principles that create more strength and muscle also apply to losing fat and pounds.  I also understand the importance of exercise. Something as simple as walking more each day can improve everyone's health. Regular activities to strengthen the heart, lungs and muscles should be engaged in daily if possible. 

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