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Rhythm in Action events are unique rhythm workshops that go far beyond other rhythm workshops because they harness the innate intelligence of the human body -- to organize yourself into an inner state of optimal human functioning.

Simple-yet-profound rhythm journeys -- polyrhythm journeys designed to bring beginning and advanced practitioners right to their optimal edge of learning -- at the same time, and in a joyful way. This is possible because of this unique, and powerful TaKeTiNa process -- which has been highly refined over the past 40 years, to simply be the most effective group rhythm process available.

With Rhythm in Action, you will learn skills like these:

  • Inner Silence
  • Living in The Present Moment
  • Sustained Mental Focus
  • Increased Self Awareness
  • Synchronization of Brain Hemispheres
  • Enhanced Listening and Memory
  • Greater Creativitiy and Intuition
  • Enhanced Rhythmic Abilities

These Rhythm in Action workshops are led by James Word, a certified TaKeTiNa rhythm teacher. His training required many years of skill building and personal development -- all of which integrated with his background in Zen and Psychology to create an effective and compassionate leader. To find out more about James Word, please read his biography.

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