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RFSC / Brian Nummer

Dr. Brian A. Nummer is Director of the Retail-foodservice food safety consortium and an Extension Food Safety Specialist with Utah State University.  Dr. Nummer is a food microbiologist and food safety expert with more than 25 years experience.  Dr. Nummer teaches workshops in Food Microbiology, Reduced Oxygen Packaging, FSMA Preventative Controls, HACCP, Auditing ROP, Good Manufacturing Practices, Acidified Foods Thermal Processing, Employee-based Food Safety, and Advanced Sanitation. Dr. Nummer received the food safety educator award from NSF in 2014.

Dr Nummer's main research area is retail (grocery) and foodservice food safety.  He is knowlegeable in all commodiites including meats, poultry (USDA) and food manufacturing (FDA) including FSMA.  He has indepth knowledge in food microbiology, food processing, sanitation, allergens, supply chain, food defense, and recall programs.  He is well versed in the U.S. FDA model Food Code and serves in many capacities for the Conference for Food Protection.  Currently he is the Academic representative to the Board.   Dr. Nummer completed Lead Instructor training in the FSPCA (FSMA Preventive Controls for Human Foods) in October 2015 and has held more than a dozen training sessions since. He was a curriculum reviewer for FSPCA and is a Technical Assistance Network (TAN) subject matter expert.