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Restoring Lives International

Restoring Lives International (RLI)  is a teaching & equipping (non-profit/ministry/organization), that helps people discover how to live healthy, healed, whole lives.

Restoring Lives International was birthed in 2004 following the dramatic healing of Bryn Kelly and her daughter, Kari.  Bryn and her husband Michael started sharing their experiences and over the past 14 years, thousands of lives have also been touched and healed.  Today RLI has a diverse, loving team of highly skilled, passionate volunteers from various backgrounds and denominations.

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, we primarily serve the Tri-State area of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, though people come from all over the world to attend our RLI events.  We have witnessed thousands of lives restored.

Throughout the year, RLI hosts conferences, seminars, workshops and training sessions to bring healing and restoration to people’s lives.  These events touch every area of a person’s life. People not only get free… but they also stay free!  Our events are unique because they help people uncover, address and break free from those areas that are keeping them stuck and holding them back from living God’s best. 

Our passion is that every person who walks into our events will not only hear the truth about God’s love, but also experience His restorative love for themselves!

You can’t argue with success!  Thousands of people’s lives have been healed and restored from: physical and emotional sickness, pain, depression, fear, insecurity, anger, addictions,
fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, diabetes, arthritis, learning disabilities, cancer, bi-polar and more.  We see marriages, family and church relationships restored.  We see hope, joy and peace restored God’s Way!


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