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Resource appeals to everyone and anyone coming in contact with the photo production industry: photographers, stylists, producers, models, agents, model makers, set designers, set builders, art directors, art buyers, creative directors, publicists, retouchers, digital techs, modeling agencies, and assistants hoping to make it big one within the photo production field are filled by men and women of all ages, but it is swelling with an aflluent, hip, urban crowd.

What more could one ask for than a concentrated readership of highly creative professionals that lead the industry through the jungle of photo production?

Our target readership works in the industry and is keenly aware of what is happening. They are paying more attention to magazines than regular folks. Not only do we like magazines, but we make them!

Company Overview
Resource Magazine is a quarterly publication dedicated to the subculture of the photo production industry. It explores all facets of the business, from the mundane to the illustrious, through interviews, photographs, and articles. It is available for anyone who passes through any of the major photo studios in New York City. It's FREE; no monetary issues keeping our potential readers at bay.

With this thriving industry of photo production professionals and their alluring sub-culture, there is much to write about. Until now, you and me and that photo assistant over there had never seen a publication for us! We make it, produce it, build it, style it, and shoot we ARE it!

Resource Magazine is distributed freely in major photo studios and industry related locations throughout New York City in three of the boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Everyone involved in the industry passes through studios at some point, many do so daily. Resource's distribution gives the targeted audience an opportunity to pick up a copy and flip through it while on a shoot. they can even take it home, still free of charge, and read it more thoroughly at their leisure and then share the Resource experience with others. This outreach of the magazine gives way to more exposure of the pages covered with articles, photographs, and, potentially, your ad.

There are 20,000 copies distributed to over 100 studios, labs, equipment rental and prop rental locations. that should be plenty of reading material for the estimated 4,000 potential readers walking through the stuio's doors each day. Numbers indicate that within every month there are 100,000 potential readers from studio traffic, adding up to about 300,000 per quarterly issue. this number only encompasses those walking in and out of our distribution areas, surely there will be many more who will get to flip through the pages at home.

Resource has already found out that their readers have expanded to national and even international territories, just by word of mouth and the natural pass along rate of our magazine. But there are very near plans to go national, so keep your eye out for Resource around the country. We might just get your word out farther than you expect!

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