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Renewing Your Spirit with Erinn Davenport

About Erinn ...

Born and raised in Southern California, Erinn always knew that she was a bit different.  Never knowing how to put it into perspective, she just did what she does best - march to the beat of her own drum.  Mothered by many, as her mother was ill most of her life before passing away when Erinn was only 20, she always wanted to understand how to "be".  Many women guided her and gave her wise words, which she to this day, still holds very dearly. 

Like some others, Erinn experienced many difficulties in her lifetime from being raised in a single-mother household to the death of a child to divorce.  She soon learned that strength is a choice and realized that despite all that could go wrong in life, God is faithful, enduring, and gives us all that we need to carry on. 

Using the Holy Bible and her own confidence to survive, she decided that the gift that she has is not so common, and that there are others who needed to be encouraged and uplifted.  This is the platform for Renewing Your Spirit.

Renewing Your Spirit and Erinn's mission is to Empower Women To Be Well - Emotionally, Physically, Financially, and Spiritually.  Using social affairs and media, Erinn brings Renewing Your Spirit into the lives of not only women, but to all, in order motivate and encourage them to be their best. 

Renewing Your Spirit's outlets are Living Renewed Magazine, The Renewing Your Spirit Radio Show, contributions to several newspapers throughout the U.S., Take Advantage Of Your Second Chance blog, KEBN Online Radio Network, The Renewing Your Spirit Foundation, technological devices, and several social networking sites.  Erinn also hosts parties, fundraisers, and speaking / educational engagements for women as part of the Sisterhood Event Series©.  In conjunction with organizations that benefit women and children, The Renewing Your Spirit Foundation raises money and awareness for their cause. 

In addition to living her passion, Erinn is a mother to all boys whose interests range from hip-hop to Nickelodeon.  She is also a master gardener, an avid reader and loves learning about herbal remedies, history, nature, and music.  Erinn currently resides in North Texas with her children.

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