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Leadership training courses designed to get you out of your rut!

Whether you are the leader of your family--nourishing mind, body and spirit of those you love--or the leader of your organization, trends, or conversations, your work in this world matters. How we touch the lives of others matters. You matter. Sometimes it can feel lonely staying the course--remembering that truth.  It's time to let your big love out! Time to let go of your fear of being found out.  Let go of your fear of being bold and bright. Our goal at Improvosa is to encourage you to live your best life yet!

Let's get started!

In these intro classes I'm sharing what I know as a demonstration of what is possible for you. Some of the work will speak to you. Other parts of it won't make sense right now.

It doesn't matter.  You take what resonates and let the rest go. Perhaps another time.  More likely a new teacher who will inspire your next move.  Either way, all I ask is that you show up, willing to explore the possibilities of moving in a new way in your life and the world. The direction will develop from there.

Using improvisational philosophy and frameworks along with a variety of tools for creative self-expression, we offer workshops and events designed to help you tap into your deep intuition, tune you in to your authentic voice, and strengthen your personal and professional communication and share your wisdom with others.

It's not enough to simply be inspired by the wonders and wickeness of the world. We must stop being consumers of the stories handed to us and begin to be creators of our own.


What do you want for your life?

What legacy will you leave?

What must be left behind in order to fulfill your destiny?

What dreams have you abandonded?

What beauty must be restored?



Take a stand for your life!

Not only will you leave feeling renewed, you will also have an action plan and tool kit to take your work to the next level.

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