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René Boer and Beth Fahey

René is the best-selling co-author, with Gino Wickman, of How to Be a Great Boss. Before becoming an EOS Implementer in 2008, he spent 30 years in the restaurant industry as an owner, franchisee, and executive at well-known brands such as Pizza Hut and Jamba Juice.

He’s worked with 70 entrepreneurial companies and completed over 800 sessions helping owners, entrepreneurs, and leadership teams gain the traction necessary to achieve their shared vision.

René is passionate about helping bosses at all levels of an organization build a culture of accountability and improve team health. He has facilitated dozens of “Be a Great Boss” Workshops with hundreds of leaders and managers to improve communication, set clear expectations, and develop their teams.

René earned a BS in Communication and Theatre Arts from The University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, while working full-time. A life-long cyclist, he has ridden thousands of miles to help raise awareness and funds for Parkinson’s research as well as a charter high school in Chicago.


Beth is a Certified EOS Implementer working in Chicago. Like a lot of entrepreneurs, Beth has had a colorful work history. She has worked as a camera assistant in the movie business, owned an award-winning bakery, and was the president of a national trade association. Along the way, she discovered an amazing book called “Traction,” that changed her life.

Beth has the perspective of both an EOS user and an EOS implementer. She believes this 360-degree view gives her a unique understanding of what leadership teams are experiencing as they move through their EOS journey. In teaching EOS to entrepreneurial leaders across several different industries, she has loved seeing how EOS makes a positive change in the lives of these leaders and their teams.