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Reid Ready Life Coaching LLC

Although women have made many strides and progress, they have struggled with gaining equality with men, maintaining work-life fit, and implementing consistent self-care for eons. However, women work together, form alliances and support each other, and learn effective self-help tools, they can achieve outcomes beyond their imagination. Reid Ready Life Coaching (RRLC) was established by its founder and Chief Coaching Officer (CCO), Dawn C. Reid, with the sincere intent on helping women tap into their full potential. We are an emerging provider of evidence-based life coaching and offer customized programs to help motivated, women balance their lives while maintaining self-compassion, achieving their own goals, and investing in self-care. Every woman can achieve success and happiness in dating, marriage, career, or self-discovery when she has the right tools, skills, supports, and resources. Most importantly, a woman has the inner ability to be greater than she imagines herself to be when she can find harmony between caring for her needs while attending to the needs of others.

Objective: Using a co-active, mindful approach, our objective is to help our clients identify resources and result-oriented actions to harmonize their trilateral being (mind, body & spirit, or professional, personal & social) while staying true to their authentic selves

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