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Regina Soh

My name is Regina and I'm an advocate for anything, everything natural. I have two community which I created and is wildly passionate about:

1. Shrink Waist Project. I take it upon myself to help women & men out there who are struggling with weight loss and unhealthy food relationship to get back on track because I was once in that state. If you find losing weight difficult and don't know why you can't get the fats off, I personally invite you to my class as I break actions down into very simple, convenient and practical steps that even the busiest woman can attempt and gain success.

2. Essential Oil Revolution. Essential oils is one of mankind's first medicine. Having benefited greatly from pure essential oils, I want to share how essential oils can potentially help you to steer clear of man-made medicine which are known to have dangerous side effects when used over a prolonged period of time, improve physical and emotional health and reduce toxic load on your body. Don't undermine the power of essential oils. Join our intro to essential oils class to see and feel for yourself how powerful these oils can be!

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