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Powerful, Evidence-Based Treatment for Resolving the Impact of Trauma


Traumatic Incident Reduction, TIR, is endorsed as a  'Model Program for Success in Resolving the Impact of Trauma' by the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, SAMHSA. 

Read the NREPP Intervention Summary

Applied Metapsychology International and Traumatic Incident Reduction Association Trainers have been teaching trauma-reducing techniques for over thirty years. Each workshop provides an opportunity for professionals and lay people to learn life stress reduction techniques. No professional credential is necessary to attend the workshops. 

Traumatic Incident Reduction

TIR Workshop

Communication Exercises, Rules of Facilitation, Client Interview, Distress & Interest Ratings, Basic TIR, Thematic TIR, Unblocking, Exploration 

Life Stress Reduction & Case Planning

LSR & CP Workshop

 50+ Techniques, Case Planning,  Checklists, Unlayering, Assessment Lists, Collections,  Specialized Programs: Body Image, Emotionally-Charged People, etc.

TIR Expanded Applications

TIREA Workshop

 30+ Techniques, expounds on TIR & LSR Workshops,  Specialized Programs: Relationships, Pain & Illness, Addictions, Future TIR, Unfinished Business, Phobias, Depression/Anxiety, Long-Term and Complex Trauma

Cynthia Scott, TIRT

Cynthia Scott, LSRT, TIRT

Cynthia Scott, LSRT

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     Cynthia Scott, LSRT, TIRT



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