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About Red Meat Market


Are you a “100% All Natural” Meat lover?

Do you want to be sure the Meat you consume is 100% safe, nutritious and healthy?

Do you want the animals to have grazed in lush green pastures, been treated humanely and kindly?

Do you support Local, Sustainable and Natural Meat Ranchers and Farmers?


Red Meat Market brings Organic, Grass-fed or all Natural Meat from local providers to the meat loving community.

We’re like a “Farmers Market” that only sells Meat but we do it in only the most popular and cool places in Chicago!

We’re like a Party Planner who only does parties for Meat Lovers!

We’re like a Hollywood agent who represents stars and arranges personal appearances only our stars are all the local Ranchers and Meat providers and their personal appearances involve great Steak!


Red Meat Market offers all Meat lovers a way to connect with other Meat Lovers! We provide a way for you to buy Organic, Grass-fed or all Natural Meat from Local Farmers around Chicago who provide it.

We plan events like Farm Dinners, Ranch visits, Butcher Parties and ““Meat Ups”? (meat market + “Meat Up”  ). What’s a “Meat Up?”  It’s a party only with, you guessed it Meat! It also involves cocktails and appetizers and the chance to “Meat and Greet” other very cool Meat Lovers! When you and your friends show up to a ““Meat Up”, with the purchase of a ticket, you’ll receive a customized Red Meat Market "Beefcase" Cooler full of pure grass-fed Steaks, Roasts and Burgers!

Our “Meat Up” always features delicious Grass-Fed Angus Beef direct from the from green western pastures of Illinois and rolling hills of southwestern Wisconsin. Your Meat will be frozen, individually sealed and packed in your very own FREE Red Meat Market "Beefcase" Cooler! At the “Meat Up”   you'll have fun trading cuts with other meat lovers if you like or just keep what you have!


We connect the “Front Porch to the Farm” or the “Restaurant to the Ranch” through a fun experience that allows all Meat lovers to buy great meat the way nature intended, from the farmer who raised it!


Red Meat Market is:


Good for the Animals

Good for the People

Good for the Planet

…and a good deal of fun!


 Join us!

Mark Wilhelms, Pres and Founder


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