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Raytown Christian Church


Work that Matters
A Family Where You Belong
Faith that Transforms


You want more in life
You want a strong and stable family;
You want a soul that balances peace and confidence;
You want a career that's lives at the intersection of meaningful and successful;

You want a full and abundant life!

The Raytown Christian Church, in cooperation with community leaders, created the Abundant Living Ministry to provide our neighbors the opportunity to experience success in every area of their lives. 


Weather Policy - We strive to keep our staff, volunteers and most of all guests safe during inclement weather.  Therefore we have adopted the following policy. If Raytown school district is closed due to weather all Thursday Hub events will be cancelled (Raytown Prayer, Kingdom Business Roundtable, Raytown Coffee Connection and Job Fairs).  Thank you.



We believe God has created every person to achieve a full, meaningful, successful life.
No Exceptions
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