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Ray Gebauer

The main speaker will be Dr. Chris Morris ND with his wife Tina Johnson, a ND Candidate. 

Dr. Chris Morris is an internationally recognized Naturopathic Physician and Sports Nutritionist. As a consultant for health care companies, Dr. Morris has helped formulate nutritional products and develop high impact marketing strategies for several emerging companies. His expertise is continually sought after in the world of alternative medicine. In addition, Chris has managed a network of some 45,000 customers and distributors providing research, marketing and education.


He is author of an internationally best-selling book, The True Nature of Healing, published in 1997 and now in its second printing, which is currently being used by the Ohio Nurses Association as part of its continuing education program. 


Dr. Morris brings a unique perspective to health, with his broad background in the fields of nutraceuticals, energetic medicine and advanced diagnostic devices to assist the client in reestablishing optimal levels of health. He focuses on diet, nutrition and the natural healing cycles of the body to build optimum health, vitality and longevity.


His goal is to launch and coordinate a new paradigm of healing that will be safer, more efficacious and less expensive than traditional healthcare in the 21st century. The medical applications of quantum physics and high frequency electromagnetic medicine take the healing arts out of the century old principles practiced in today’s medical schools to a type of healthcare that focuses on whole-body healing combining body, mind and spirit.


Dr. Morris obtained his BA in mathematics and physics from Indiana University where he also excelled as a star athlete and was named the MVP of his college football team in 1970. Then after 5 years of professional football as an offensive line tackle with the Cleveland Browns and the New Orleans Saints, he entered corporate America as the General Manager and Chief Financial Officer for an international non-profit publishing firm in 1976. He assumed responsibilities for a rapidly growing operation, managing a staff of 60 employees. His experience included budget forecasting, profit planning, marketing/sales and fund raising programs that served over 90 countries. He helped establish foreign charters for affiliates that included international banking and served as a trustee to the Canadian Society and Vice-Chairman on the United Kingdom's Board of Trustees.


Wanting to serve humanity in a more profound way, Dr. Morris entered the field of alternative medicine full time in 1983. Since then he has collaborated with some of the world’s top nutritional experts including Dr. Earl Mindell, author of The Vitamin Bible and Dr. Barry Sears, author of The Zone Diet, along with leading specialists in the field of Bioenergetic Medicine around the world. As part of his medical practice, Dr. Morris served as Naturopath and Health Consultant at the Woodside Family Health Center in California from 1993 to 1996.

Over a span of 30 years, Dr. Morris has received advanced certifications and degrees in Naturopathy, Herbology and Nutrition. He is the recipient of numerous honors and accolades in alternative medicine and wellness research. He currently serves as a research associate of the Occidental Institute Research Foundation in British Columbia, Canada (which focuses on energy medicine and diagnostics). He has also served as a colleague and practitioner of Mayr Physicians of Austria, is a former member of the California Naturopathic Association and former member of the editorial review board for the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association (JANA). He also is a member of the American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine.


Dr. Morris consults and speaks internationally on natural healing and sports nutrition. In March of 2001 he was invited as a keynote speaker in Berlin, Germany at one of the top scientific symposiums in the world celebrating Man’s 40th Year in Space. The symposium was attended by physicians, scientists and astronauts from the European Space Administration, NASA and the Russian Academy of Medical Science (who sponsored the event). The topics included the Future of Space Medicine, International Collaboration and its Impact on World Health.


Dr. Morris also authors continuing education courses for doctors and nurses. Recently, he was asked to be part of the faculty for the Philippine Medical & Nurses Association of Southern California in their CME Program. The topic he presented was The Clinical Application of Glycobiology and Carbohydrates to Chronic Degenerative Disease.


He is dedicated to helping people access deeper levels of rejuvenation, health and well-being. He believes as Herophiles stated in 300 BC, that 


“When Health is absent, Wisdom cannot reveal itself, Art cannot become manifest, Strength cannot be exerted, Wealth is useless, and Reason is powerless.” 

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