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Rassawek Vineyards

Rassawek is a property steeped in local lore where old buildings and materials from the region–otherwise slated for demolition– are salvaged from the wrecking ball and are relocated, repurposed and rebuilt.

In 2000, the land- a “blank slate” and stunning in its natural beauty- was acquired by a family passionate about preserving the past and motivated to create a retreat unlike any other. They named the property “Rassawek,” in honor of the namesake village of the Monacan Indians, believed to be a series of camps that stretched out along the James River from the main hub at Point of Fork where the Rivanna and James Rivers converged nearby, and set to work planting a vineyard and reclaiming structures for the enjoyment of future generations.

The vineyard was planted in contour rows following the lay of the land. Ponds and roads were added to the property. It’s hard to say what came first- the serendipitous acquisition of materials or a master plan.

The property bears the signatures of the craftsmen, who contributed their skills to various projects, in the details. An arched stone bridge, crafted by a master mason, flanked by redbuds and dogwoods, invites visitors to follow the road which winds through rows of grapevines. 

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