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Rasa Vitalia

Rasa Vitalia: Hot Dance, Music, and Vocal Artist


Rasa Vitalia is a dance performer, vocalist, and songwriter, and one of America's most highly regarded solo entertainers.  She tours as a professional solo dance performer and vocal artist, performing to her own songs in live music venues, concerts, variety shows, cabarets, and much more. Her influences include music and dance from around the world, as well as disco, club, pop, funk, hip hop, and electronic dance music.  


Due to her notoriety and show-womanship, Rasa Vitalia is frequently invited to be a featured artist in professional live music and variety show productions around the world with a wide variety of talented entertainers including popular platinum record grammy winning artists.  In her performances, Rasa presents a multitude of dance talents in a variety of music genres and cultures.  Rasa performs at numerous corporate, private, and public events, festivals, parties, shows, universities, radio stations, and major venues all over the US.  Rasa Vitalia's flexibility makes her an asset at all for those who seek specific music or cultural styles, as well as for others who enjoy Rasa's unique style of the hot and beautiful - charged with the enthusiasm and energy like no other! Rasa Vitalia puts on a high energy dance party and her large loyal, and diverse following can't get enough booty shakin' fun! 


Rasa Vitalia is booking an extensive festival, live music/DJ concert, club and variety/cabaret show tour. Bring Rasa to your town & make it happen:


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