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Randy Guttenberger, Author

Randy Guttenberger | Author of “Managing Your Crazy Self!” | Certified Personality Analyst

Randy Guttenberger is an Author, and Personality Insights Analyst for over 22 years. He helps improve human performance by using a combination of professional assessments, principles and insights, and unique coaching expertise. His delivery reflects his energetic passion, experience and humor. Randy shows people how to get maximum results with minimal efforts. Once you implement his tools and techniques into your own success you will never look at life - or people - the same way again.

Randy is an insightful, energizing speaker. He explains how the brain works in simple terms so you can take control of your thoughts, emotions, behaviors and relationships. Once you learn these insights, you will have a new vision and hope of knowing how to enjoy your life!

“Why hasn’t anyone taught this before? I wish I had learned this long ago.”- Greg Sanders, COO

“I learned more in this workshop than in years of therapy.” -Marilyn Anderson

Randy helps people succeed by understanding the science of how they are designed. Their brain is their hardware, their personality their software, and their experiences are their data. You quickly can learn how to leverage success by understanding your design. When you overcome your emotional reactions you become.

This benefits you in four relationships: yourself (the most important), your mate, your children, and your co-workers.

Once you learn these insights you will never look at life the same again.

The Managing Your Crazy team and modality brings a unique combination of science, management, coaching, counseling, and development to help clients gain a clear understanding of their dynamics in just two sessions.

Counselors and professionals are implementing his methods in their practices in six states currently and expanding nationally.

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