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Interactive outdoor leadership challenges based on Marine Corps Special Operations missions.  Fun? Yes.  Easy? No. 

RaiderXP employs veterans to teach leadership in complex, high stress environments through realistic and challenging scenario-based experiences, inspired by real world military special operations.

We are in the business of developing Leaders

Our priority is to offer customers the opportunity to challenge themselves in the pursuit of leadership and character development.  We do this by leveraging the experience of our Elite Special Operations Cadre and offer exercises inspired by real-world Special Operations Missions.

We are not just another race

We will challenge you physically, mentally and emotionally by putting you in uncomfortable situations so you can identify your strengths and weaknesses.  Through this adversity you will identify your limits and will succeed only when you are able to rely on your teammates to work together.  To us, Functional Fitness is just that; the ability to function mentally, physically and emotionally, despite any obstacles you encounter while accomplishing your mission.  This is a trait learned eXPerientially, outside of an air-conditioned gym.

Standards-Based XPerience

We measure success by the tangible benefits our clients learn from our curriculum and apply to their daily routines.  We hold ourselves and our clients to the highest performance standards to ensure our clients realize the benefit of our experiences.

We are committed to supporting Veterans

RaiderXP cannot exist without veterans.  Our cadre are hand-selected for their humility, experience and desire to share lessons they have learned because they are committed to building leaders with character.  We will always support Veterans’ and strive to be good ambassadors of the Special Operations Community.

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