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Racquel Moore


* Racquel Moore has 25 years of experience as a clarivoyant visualization/meditation spiritual mechanics teacher.

* Minor degree in Psychology from University of San Diego. 4 Years

* Bachelor’s degree in Acupuncture & Herbalism, Physical therapies

  and Nutrition from the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing. 5 Years

* Graduated at Church of the Rose as an ordained minister. 10 Years


Readings consist of cleaning out your chakras, rebooting your mechanical system, editing negative past live situations, deprogramming your space and finding out your purpose on the planet. I also call back your original life force energy into your body.

Call to get pricing and schedule a reading/healing today. You can reach Racquel by email at (verified PayPal merchant)


Teresa Noreen (Actress/Model) – Racquel’s teachings have profoundly changed my life in ways I wouldn’t have even thought of before taking her classes. I no longer feel lost, in a fog mentally, stuck with a mentally abusive boyfriend or unable to deal with the negative energy that people throw at me. Now I know I am in charge of any situation on an energy level and feel capable of manifesting whatever I want into my life. I highly recommend her classes to anyone seeking purpose in life, wishing for more clarity or just curious how to expand their energy sensing talents. I’ve learned so much - thank you Racquel! I can be reached via email at for any questions regarding my experiences with her class.

Sara Evenson (Aerial Acrobat) – These classes have brought me clarity in my relationships, within myself, and my life (personal and professional). It’s helped me to understand the universe and my place in it. I now know what I want and how to get there. My relationships with my family and loved ones have never been better! I have learned how to ground myself so I can see clearly in any situation. I have learned how to trust in myself and find all of the answers I needed within me. I now have an understanding of how to keep my spiritual body healthy and fortified. My email is for anyone who wants to contact me.

Kevin Tayban (Engineer) – Racquel’s classes have enabled me to recognize and see beyond my own limitations. They have given me tools to navigate this crazy path called life. I’ve learned how to ground, run clean energy through my body, find and detect foreign energies and entities in my body and get rid of them. I’ve learned to preform healing on others and myself. And I’ve learned how to eliminate the junk left over from past lives and stop them from getting in the way of this life. I have a better understanding of who I am and how to deal with my negative emotions. I can stay calm in tense and difficult situations and not be affected by other people’s emotions and problems. I have less judgment about myself and more tolerance towards people around me. It is easier to see through the games people play and not get caught in them. I have a fuller view of life’s big picture and my purpose in it and I’m less stuck in small and mundane issues. I have more love and confidence, less fear and it’s easier to stand for what I like and believe in. Most of all, it now takes less time and effort to bring in more of what I desire into my life!

I have learned to do the following for myself and others:

     * Ground and release negative energies from the body and environment.
     * Bring in positive and life force energy.

     * Look for blocked energy in the body and chakras and clear them.

     * Look into past lives and release negative memories and energies from
       the body.
Aura healings.
     * Techniques to protect from negative and unfriendly energies.

     * Techniques to manifest what I like to have and create.

I can be reached at

Sylvia Bonaparte - I was lucky to find visualization/meditation classes taught by Racquel Moore. Racquel is an amazing teacher who truly cares about her students and strives to make the classes fun. I took her classes for 3 years. Throughout those three years my life changed completely. By working on present and past life energies, I was able to overcome many challenges. I understood myself more (as a spiritual being and as a human being); I became more confident, more loving to myself and others. It helped me to get rid of my depression. It also made me aware of things that I didn’t know existed. I was unaware of how much other people’s energies affected me. In a few months, I learned how to deal with other’s energies when it affected me negatively. No longer did I have to absorb other people’s anger, sadness, or judgments about me. I could finally be neutral. The energy work empowered me so that I could face the many challenges life was throwing at me. During my third year in the classes I became very ill. The doctors were painting a very horrific picture for me. I continued to meditate and tried holistic medicine and in a few short months, I was free of my illness. I learned that many illnesses can be created due to energy blockages. If you work on the energy, you can heal your physical body while maintaining a positive outlook. The classes were not only helpful in an energetic level but also helpful in building long lasting friendships. In these classes I found a community with people who care for each other. It is a safe environment where you can share what you are experiencing without judgment. The tools I learned in these classes I use every day. Everyone around me has noticed the changes and I am pleased to say that I am a better, happier person today because of the work I did in these classes. I can be reached at

Scott Friedman (Mortgage Broker, Writer, Consultant) - The courses have increased my sensitivity and enabled me to be more aware when my tone of voice is not what I intend. This in turn has improved my relationships. These courses have also provided a unique perspective which helps me take a different approach at work that is more fun and productive. Also, the courses have supported me in visualizing my desired future. I am learning to visualize better. I can be reached at

Karla Spitzer (Writer) - While I have not been taking classes from Racquel for very long, I have found that the guided meditation techniques have given me a profound sense of relaxation dramatically reducing the stress in my life. I used to always say I couldn't meditate, and the thought would bore me, but now I can hardly wait! I can be reached at

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