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If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Were Alive Today! A Soul-Riveting "ONE MAN PLAY"  that puts a modern perspective on the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr....




One-man Show Portrays Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Chicago. January 2019

I spent an unforgettable weekend in Memphis, Tennessee a few years back, with its highlight being my attendance at actor- playwright Rabia Haynes, one-man play aptly titled “What If Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Were Alive Today”. This play had a successful two-week run in Memphis.

first attended this play on 2015 Super-Bowl weekend, whenmost people were preparing for the ‘big game’, parties and the like; I was surprised to find a dedicated and genuinely interested audience attending this ‘event’ (it is truly more than just a play.)The stage was sparsely decorated with simple set changes being accomplished by switching the back-drop to suit the time and place. Many images of Dr. King and his surroundings create the atmosphere – but I wondered….. How could this actor-playwright make the audience believe that he was indeed Dr. King? After all, generations of talented actors have portrayed this icon of the Civil Rights Movement from David Oyelowo, nominated for a Golden Globe for his title role in the bio-pic “Selma” – to James Earl Jones, Dexter King, Malik Yoba and countless others. However, Haynes accomplishes this in a most clever way. He creates two characters in this play (all in one person); a soldier returning from his tour of duty and this soldiers own convincing takeoff on Dr. King –which he performs for his fellow soldiers entertainment! Thereby creating “his own burlesque or simulation” of Dr. King. A truly ingenious way of presenting Dr. King through the mind talents of this soldier!

Once the play starts – one gets the feeling of contemporary time and place, but when actor Haynes becomes the soldier’schampion, Dr. King – the reality sets in and you are taken back into time by the surrealism of this performance. The speeches are absolutely perfect (a fete in itself to memorize word by word, Dr King’s famous speeches.Haynes stuns the audience with an acapella rendition of “Phantom of the Night” - then takes you into a completely different world – that of Dr. King and his comments and preaching’s on what’s going on in the world today

I have been so moved by this play that I saw it again three more times when it appeared in Chicago, where I reside.  Each time I saw this play it was as fresh as the first time reflecting on the history of this man – and the talents of Haynes as the protagonist. Over fifty-six years ago, this strong resilient young Baptist minister Dr. King, passionately delivered his desire for the future of American civilization.  He heroically fought against racial injustice and discrimination, which plagued the lives of African Americans during the Civil Rights Movement. Thiseloquent leader diligently reinforced the key principles and values he felt would rescue American society from racial injustice. He peacefully protested to remove the mask of fear that shadowed the faces of African American people of all ages.

Unfortunately, today American society is still plagued against many of the ideals for which Dr. King fought. However, Haynes mindfully brings this to the attention of the audience in a cleverly designed rebuttal on modern times, in the voice and apparent persona of Dr. King. Haynes makes you believe that you are witnessing Dr. King NOW! This segment (at the end) of the play – is what makes it stand out from all the rest, Haynesclever and well thought-out interpretation of what Dr King might say.…“if he were alive today!”

Do not attend this play thinking that you will be swayed by elaborate Broadway sets and fantastic sound and lighting effects. The content of this play and Haynes presentation is the real feature and true attraction. It is entertaining, while educating the audience.

Hopefully, Haynes will be able to take this play “on the road” tobe able to entertain, educate and challenge audiences around theworld. I certainly give it my “thumbs-up” and a “must-see” recommendation.


Don Rossi Nuccio


Latino Art Beat

15 January 2019



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