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R. Lee & Associates

R. Lee & Associates is a U.S. veteran-owned business that provides Security Vulnerability and Risk Services to all businesses. We specialize in Security Plan Writing, Security Audits, Security Training Maritime Security (MARSEC) Audits and Records Review, Security Vulnerability Assessments, Reproduction Service of all Confidential, Secure and Controlled Documents, Environmental Compliance and Incident Response Management to businesses and facilities including: All Private Sector Businesses, Hotels, Hospitals, Oil and Gas Facilities, Trucking and Transportation companies, Casinos, Off-Shore Platforms, Public and Private Schools, Chemical Plants, Department Stores, Port Properties, Financial Institutions, Marine Transfer Operations, School Districts, Resorts, City Properties, Municipal Buildings, Storage and Distribution Facilities.

We deliver comprehensive assessments, training and action plans that help our clients establish procedures ensuring businesses and facility operations are conducted safely and securely.

Whether a small, medium or large business having the knowledge of vulnerabilities and a plan to mitigate those vulnerabilities can and may deter possible incidents from occurring.

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