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Queens Recognize Queens®

Queens Recognize Queens® is a unique empowerment brand of creating a movement of self-love and self-discovery. Created by Ebony Tutora as a way to help women learn what it means to live up to one's true potential as a queen, moving past all limitations set by life and society. 

Queens Recognize Queens is a global movement, of live & online events, speaking engagements, motivational gear, and daily motivation. When a woman understands that she is a royal, divine, spiritual idea, she stands taller, strives further, and reaches plateaus she may have never considered. 

Join this passionate movement encouraging you to dig a little deeper, in a way that allows you to experience the ultimate feeling of self-love. A tool that ultimate connects you to your divine Queen within. 

Queens Recognize Queens Strives to be the pinnacle of collaboration, good vibes, supporting & loving oneself so much that it is a natural process of Queens Recognizing, Appreciating, and honoring other Queens.

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