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Queen Elite Lady Donna 3'Cs Carter's Creative Collaboration

  Unity In The Community

Legal Executive Entrepreneur

J.J Wrongful Death Legacy Foundation INC


Our main focus is to help give our communities Global Unification more resources and information to make the community lives less complicated in reference to the unjust corrupt legal system. 


 My Pain


Being a parent is the hardest job that one can have. Being a parent and losing a family member or a child's life to a wrongful death is by far the hardest thing anyone has too endure. The term Wrongful Death is a legal term used to describe an untimely and unnatural death cause by the unlawful negligent conduct of another party. Wrongful death lawsuits or usually filed by one or more of the surviving family members.  These lawsuits take a lot of time and money both resources most family lack when faced with losing a family member or child suddenly. 


Support Groups 


The death of ones family member or child is one of the most painful losses imagainable. Parents or family members dealing with the death of their love ones need support to get through their every day lives. Jay Jay's Wrongful Death Legacy Foundation Inc will provide both in person and virtual support group sessions for parents and family members in need.


Donna Carter

I have never stop thinking about my son and how he was robbed of his youth and all of his dreams. I found myself in a leagal battle all alone but I vowed to seek justice for my son Jay Jay's sudden Death. Over the years I have gain resoures and knowledge of wrongful death lawsuit and have advise parents and family members on the necessary step to take to seek justice for their love ones. 


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