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Purpose Activators is committed to igniting the unique purpose that lies within each woman.  We believe that each of us has the ability to ‘be the change we wish to see in the world’ and we are committed to activating that change.  Deep within each of us is extraordinary potential and destiny that we must embrace, nurture and intentionally develop in order to be effective in fulfilling our purpose.

We believe in calling forth and activating each person’s destiny, equipping and supporting them as they move into the full measure of who they are called to be and showing them finance their purpose so they can do the unique work God has called them to do.

Stewardship and increase happen in community and we are committed to helping one another flourish.  You can experience our curriculum in a 15 week program — attend one or attend them all.  Register in advance and come join us.

We focus on five key areas:

  • Gift Identification – Understanding who you are – and aren’t – is key to purpose activation
  • Dreams/ Mission /Vision/ Plan – Creating a blueprint of how you want to live your life and tenaciously measuring your actions against it
  • Strengthening your Foundation – Removing obstacles and establishing healthy financial, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual foundations
  • Networking and Accountability – Building relationships to help encourage and strengthen you in your mission
  • Giving Back – Investing in others releases an increase back to you

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