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PureFest: Chicago's Faith-Based Improv and Sketch Festival

Dave Ebert is the co-founder of Gifts for Glory Ministries. Gifts for Glory is the umbrella under which PureFest, Well Versed Comedy, MADtrimony, and the Gifts for Glory Podcast operate. Each function of Gifts for Glory Ministries is to promote and celebrate using gifts, talents, desires, and passions for the glory of God.


Dave is a native of Chicago that grew up in southwestern Virginia. Most of his improv and acting training and experience can be attributed to his 8 years as a pro wrestler in Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina. 

Dave founded Well Versed Comedy in 2013 as a comedy ministry designed to use comedy as a way to spread joy, love, and the Light of Christ. PureFest was created in 2017, with the first ever festival taking place in October 2018, to promote community among fellow performers and to showcase the gifts and talents of those performers to the world. 

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