Prophetess Paula Burt

Paula Burt is a native of Atlanta, GA! Just as rare as it is to find a Georgia Peach, she is also a rare jewel. Because of the struggles she faced growing up, she truly feels it pushed her into the person she is today. Who is that person you ask? Paula is a Wife, Visionary, Mother, Domestic Violence Survivor and Advocate, Author, Publisher, Mentor, Empowerment Speaker, and Event Host! She is the founder of Fostering Hearts Foundation, which aides and supports the community on Domestic Violence through events, community outreach, and volunteer work. Fostering Hearts’ goal is to open a Transitional Home for survivors and victims of Domestic Violence. The center will house and provide all the necessary essentials for a victim of Domestic Violence to reclaim her life and be who God called them to be.  As a survivor, Paula knows this area all too well. When God allowed her to escape, she vowed she wouldn’t stop until she provided for others what she didn’t have for herself.

Since making that vow to God, Paula has been on the move. While she sat quiet for close to six years because of the fear and embarrassment of being a victim of Domestic Violence, once she crushed fear in the face it was on from there. Since walking in her victory, Paula assists others in their walk to finding their purpose and colliding with their destiny. She provides daily motivation, coaching, empowerment events, and more. Paula is a huge supporter of many, as she understands what it’s like to be on the battlefield and have to walk alone.

Paula has spoken and/or hosted many events and has received the testimonies of how she helped changed lives of others. She speaks on her past while encouraging those in attendance to not allow their past to determine their present or future. Paula is the author of the, “I AM: 30 Affirmations To Reaffirm Your TRUE SELF”, “7 Keys To Fulfilling Your Purpose”, Becoming The Author Within”, and a Co-Author of “I AM Mother’s Edition”. She is scheduled to release more in the coming months.

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