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Promise of Peace Community Gardens

Promise of Peace, (P.O.P.), Gardens was established in 2009  because we believe that healthy food, well-being and quality education are fundamental human rights. For almost a decade, now, P.O.P. has worked to provide programming to establish just that.  We have worked tirelessly to cultivate our mission throughout East Dallas and beyond by delivering programming at our gardens and schools, conducting community markets, and speaking at various organizations and conferences. As the public educational system continues to receive children that find it very hard to focus, learn and cope, we believe that its necessary to create a world class resource for schools and organizations to receive support that will increase the impact of their garden or farm. Seeds and products from the garden become the perfect context for our families, teachers, and children to connect to nature. We also believe that our approach to our Seed to Table educational program is innovative, unique and powerful as we reach a broad audience by bridging the opportunity and education gaps through hands on, real world explorations and experiences.