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Project Synergise! London

The purpose of the ThriveAbility Foundation is to co-create regenerative, inclusive places and organisations through a transformative, values-based approach to decision-making and governance, from communities to organizations to nations to markets. Through integrated decision modeling of the eight capitals using the ThriveAbility Equations, leaders can align breakthrough strategies with stakeholder aspirations that deliver thriveable competitive advantage. Through the ThriveAbility Index, investors are able to select a portfolio with superior performance based on the innovation pathways and collaborations informed by the multi-stakeholder ThriveAbility program and True Future value calculations, using science-based goals. 

Robin Wood – CEO:
Green entrepreneur, social activist, Founder of ThriveAbility and Renaissance2 Foundations and Chateau La Tour Apollinaire. Internet and e-business pioneer, strategy, innovation and transformation advisor to Global 1000 leaders in 35 countries.


Paul van Schaik – Director:

Founder IntegralMENTORS, Integral Without Borders. 35+ years international development leadership experience. Advisor to DFID UK, Danida, European Commission, KfW/GTZ, Sida, UNICEF, World Bank - in Asia, Africa, Europe & Middle East.  Also an Architect.

Christopher Cooke: (MSc. B.A. FRSA) Is the founder and a lead consultant for 5 Deep. He is an international senior manager, consultant, coach, confidante, counsellor, therapist, trainer and qualified engineer, with over 28 years’ experience in pioneering and supporting personal and organizational change. He is focused on the release of latent human capacities to navigate gracefully through complexity, innovation and change. 

5 Deep offers a principle-based approach that is outlined scientifically and validated through repeatable experience, with a focus on change management through leadership development, process optimization, and cultural facilitation, including the provision of supporting training and organisational development.

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