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Project My Neighborhood

Project My Neighborhood (PMN) is a local non-profit that raises funds and awareness for bullying prevention. Our missions is to create a do-good atmosphere that can be entertaining and educational. PMN’s core values include outreach, inclusion, team building, health, and wellness. PMN hosts Blaster Battles events and supplies rental equipment for private events throughout the Midwest. Created in 2016, PMN has done events on the East Coast, West Coast and throughout the Midwest. We collaborate with corporations and organizations, such as Pacer National Bullying Prevention Center and Blaine National Sports Center, to expand bullying prevention initiatives.

PMN uses toy Nerf blasters with foam darts along with paintball bunkers (inflatables) in a designated family-friendly environment for a series of games - like tag, capture the flag, and our "Blaster Battles" - that promote outreach, inclusion, team building, health, and wellness. During our events, we typically discuss five topics of bullying, which are related to the games we play and life beyond the games: 1) protect yourself,  2) you are not alone, 3) overcoming adversity, 4) choices we make, and 5) the slippery slope of teasing vs. bullying. Proceeds from our events allow PMN to host more Blaster Battles and support bullying prevention programs. 

As a role model to the participants, Co-Founder Matt Nelson also speaks to kids about his experience with bullying, overcoming obstacles, and values gained from experience in organized athletics from elementary school to college.

Our other inspiration is based on the Minnesota Statute: 121A.031 SCHOOL STUDENT BULLYING POLICY. Subdivision 3, 4 & 5 that discusses local bullying policy and safety programming in schools.  We hope to make a big impact in elementary, middle and high schools.

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