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Project by Project - San Francisco

Project by Project (PbP) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in New York City in 1998 by a group of young Asian American professionals. Comprised of a team with backgrounds across finance, consulting, technology, media, entertainment and law, PbP’s founding team felt it could do more to empower the Asian American community. They established an organization with the mindset of volunteering, increasing awareness and fundraising for fellow organizations within the Asian American community.

Each year, PbP selects a different theme to champion. Local chapters select a community-based non-profit organization that is focused on issues within that theme and tailors a year-long campaign to help its fundraising, community outreach and public awareness efforts.

The locally-hosted "Plate by Plate" tasting benefit is PbP's marquee event and draws hundreds of attendees and dozens of renowned vendors each year. Keep an eye out for when tickets go on sale in July!

Sorry, there are no upcoming events