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Private Dispute Resolution Services, LLC

Since 1997, Private Dispute Resolution Service, LLC, based in Chattanooga, TN, has used a simple, straight-forward, collaborative approach to planning and problem-solving. Through consulting, strategic-planning, training and education, we provide our clients with cost-effective and time-efficient approaches for conflict management. These methods help our clients gain better understanding of their issues, build trust in relationships and allow for a level of resolution that may not be achieved in litigation or in other non-collaborative environments.

Our staff have over 30 years of education and experience in mediation, strategic planning, problem-solving and system design. Our practice includes training and direct mediation service in the areas of family, healthcare, employment, small business, government/community relations and law and ethics.

Working with hospitals, CPA firms, government agencies, real estate brokers, family-owned businesses, HR departments, engineering firms, national social work organizations and clergy, the practice modalities we employ are:

CORPORATE CONSULTING: With the high cost of resolving conflict in the corporate/business arena, our strategic planning and collaborative problem-solving models are cutting-edge approaches to resolving internal and external conflict. These methods are cost-effective, time efficient and solution focused.

MEDIATION SERVICES: Our mediation services provide parties in conflict with the opportunity to “sit across the table from each other” in a confidential setting where they can have open, honest discussion about their matter, generate ideas for solution and make informed, lasting decisions.

EDUCATION AND TRAINING: Our clients learn the knowledge and skills of mediation and the mediative approach to collaborative problem-solving. In addition, we teach the law and ethics of professional mediation. Through interactive learning, our clients experience the positive impact of collaborative problem-solving in the work place and techniques for conducting mediation and/or and participating competently in the mediation process.  PDRS trainings are provided for educational purposes only and in no way intended to be legal advice.  


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