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Pretty Deadly Self Defense

I am a martial arts instructor, certified self defense instructor and a violent crime survivor.

I started studying martial arts in 2000, after I became a victim of a very violent crime. Like most women, I have never taken a self defense course in my life. I've been scared. I've been scared. I've been scared of it. After 8 years of workout with my instructor, and another 8 years of workout with different schools of the same type. 

Women need to know how to defend Themselves in a realistic way - not by changing Their routes or going out in pairs or adjusting Their Lives, even temporarily; . Because every woman knows did all that does is reduce a risk, but never eliminate it   She 'Ll Reduce Those risks much more.

That does not take 16 years of workout;  it takes a different understanding  of herself and her own strengths. It's the journey I've been on since 2000 and it's the journey I'd like to share with you.

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