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Presidential Lifestyle

I am Kiné Corder the Author of the books “The Art of Starting Over” and “A Crash Course in Wisdom.”  My company PRESIDENTIAL LIFESTYLE™ is a lifestyle consulting company that assists clients in creating more power, peace and prosperity in their lives. I help people solve problems by showing them how to earn more money, make sound decisions and encouraging them to define their idea of prosperity. Next, I assist them in creating more of this idea in their lives.  My blog is a way for you to get money making tips and resources, good advice and activation to create your Presidential Lifestyle.

I created Peace Party because I believe people want to enjoy life and live abundantly but don’t want to lose their peace of mind while doing it. They dream of being able to sleep at night with very little stress and worry. If you are like me and you long for peace join me and others as we spread peace.

We don’t have to march on Washington or take a trip to Mecca. We can simply come together share our wisdom and discuss how we restored peace or used peace to make a bad situation better. There are many peaceful, successful, people just like you in the world and I hope to bring us all together one Peace Party at a time.


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