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Pre-medical program and IMG residency matching program


We are the only advising group who will not only help you present a winning application but also offer you the oppportunity to participate in over 40 CV building projects designed to enrich your CV, create for you a competitive advantage, and turn your compliant application into a stellar one as well as glorious reference letters! Our unique collaborative and mentorship environment is enhanced by our unique workshops attended monthly by hundreds of students and collaboration with various courses and groups at University of Toronto aimed at increasing student learning experience. Over the last decade we have created a new standard in education counselingOur team includes Ivy League admission experts, PhD and MD, JDD from USA and Canada whose expertise will help you get into your desired program. Over the years we have helped thousands of students and IMGs from cities across Ontario, Canada, and beyond reach their career aspirations from.


Royal Crown College of Business and Technology's 92 credit (16 months) Pre-Medical program ( leads to direct admission to partner medical, dental, veterinary, and other health care schools. We offer individual pre-requisite courses and a fast track to medical school for nursing and other health care and science graduates who can transfer their courses toward our 92 credit program and can start medical school in as little as 4 months.Our post-baccalaureate program is available to undergraduate students. Our programs are available to Canadian, American, and international students. They can obtain clerkships and residency positions in US and Canadian teaching hospitals and are able to practice anywhere in the world.
We also offer ESL, TOEFL, and IELTS courses and all courses for residency matching for international medical graduates (IMGs) in Canada, such as EE, OSCE, and LMCC exams (QE1 and QE2) and USA USMLE Step1, Step 2 CK, and CS exams, and shadowing and observership courses, and we are the only college to offer the course "From IMG to employment" (with paid co-op). 
Our group offers workshops, mentorship, consultations for medical school, personalized application strategy, personal statement, and resume review, resume building through activities related to Models of Human diseases conference and Rodent models of diseases pre-clinical database project, group and one on one interview preparation (panel, MMI), CASPer, networking, and peer support. Our free workshops and paid services are open to pre-med students and foreign trained and internationally trained graduates, pre-dental, pre-law, pharmacy, and grad students candidates.
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Royal Crown College of Business and Technology (RCCBT), one of Canada’s leading private educational institutions is accredited in the province of Ontario. RCCBT has helped Canadian and international students reach their career aspirations for over 20 years. We offer a variety of programs such as Pre-Medical, TESOL, Business Administration, Hospitality and Tourism.

Pre-medical program with direct acceptance to medical school

Our 92 credit Pre-Medical program leads to direct admission to partner medical, dental, veterinary, and other health care schools. We offer a 16 months program, a 12 months fast track program, and an MCAT based program. Ross University, Spartan HSUSM, AUB, XUSM, AUSSM, AUIS, CMHS accept or 92 credit pre-medical program. Ross University School of Medicine offers an interview to our graduates who have a 3.2 GPA and over 20 MCAT score. Our graduates obtain clinical clerkships and residency positions in the US and Canada. Read our FAQ page for further details.

Our post-baccalaureate program is open to students with an undergraduate degree who want to improve their GPA and credentials for future medical school applications.

Our individual prerequisite courses are offered to students who need to meet admission requirements or want to improve their GPA and who can start medical school in as little as 2 months. Our courses are accepted by top medical, dental, and veterinary schools (McGill U, Harvard U, John Hopkins U, UC Irvine, Georgetown U, etc.).

Residency Advising and IMG Courses

Residency application

RCCBT partnered with Valoir Academic Consulting, the number one residency and pre-medical advising firm in Canada, to offer an unparalleled support for our graduates in matching back for residency in Canada and the USA. Canadian students will be considered International Medical Graduates (IMGs) when they applying for residency positions in Canada and the USA. We offer the following services to our graduates:

  • Personal statements review

  • Comprehensive application planning, preparation, and editing

  • Resume review, editing, and enhancement tools

  • Reference letter editing

  • Mock interview (panel and MMI)

  • Create list of programs in the specialties that meet your  interest, expertise, and qualification and offer you the best chances to match their requirements

  • Observership referrals in Canada and the USA

  • Preparation courses for Residency exams

  • Comprehensive analysis of application, resume, references for those who did not receive interview invitation and individualized strategy to improve

  • English language pronunciation training to foreign-born physicians

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