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Prana Violet Healing


It is a No Touch No Drug Prana Therapy, an energy healing technique so simple and effective that even a child of 5-7 years of age can learn and start healing.

In case the problem faced by a person is the reaction to one’s own karma/ action whether done knowingly or unknowingly in this lifetime or previous lifetimes, unless the person has done forgiveness we cannot heal him. We have a set of Forgiveness Affirmations for this purpose

Spiritual Affirmations are also a part of PVH which help in connecting a person to his higher self, increasing his spiritual Energy and finally connecting his soul to the creator.

Healing is done using the PRANA HEALING WAND ( PHW ).Wand is a cosmic geometry which  continuously emits prana, the divine energy.

healing wand PVH

The Wand is used to sense the aura and to detect faults in the person’s aura such as negative energies, cords, presence of negative emotions, souls, entities etc

The Wand can also be used to check the type of diet that would be suitable for person’s physical body so that his health can be improved.

Regular reading of Forgiveness Affirmations and Spiritual Affirmations and regular use of Healing Wand will ensure a healthy body, a clean and healthy aura and increase in spiritual energy.


 1) Physical ailments like a headache, toothache, stomach ache, period pain etc.  sometimes it takes only 2 minutes to heal above conditions

2) Emotional problems: anger, stress, depression, anxiety, fears, etc

3) Blocks: in relationships, career, prosperity, marriage, conceiving, selling / renting out property etc

4) Psychic attacks: Dark Energy, evil eye, curses, spells, occult energy, black magic, white magic etc

5) Negative energy of  medicines, food, water, tea, coffee etc, crystals and stones, buildings, houses, offices etc can be cleaned

 With this method, we can do self-healing, heal others and also do distant healing.

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