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Power BI & Excel Power Pivot - Kansas City

We’re a community of people excited about Power BI and Excel Power Pivot. Microsoft Business Intelligence tools offer great potential, which we seek to advance by sharing knowledge and promoting best practices. We include everyone from Excel pros and data analysts to database administrators, developers, and more.


 Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

 Fred Kaffenberger at 913-738-4450 or

How do I claim my online community badge?

Online community supports and extends the user group meetings. Microsoft provides perks to PUGs based on activities in the online community.

Link: Power BI & Power Pivot-Kansas City User Group

At the user group page, look for the button to claim your PUG Badge. 

Claim your PUG Badge

When are meetings?

Meetings are generally the 2nd Tuesday of the month, with exceptions.

Is the meeting open to beginners?

Yes. Content is at a range of levels, and we are all here to learn and share information.

 Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?


 What if the weather is bad?

 Centriq has an inclement weather policy at 


Sorry, there are no upcoming events