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Positive Directions, Inc.

The mission of Positive Directions, Inc. (PDI) is “to provide HIV/STI testing, prevention and education for the most at-risk individuals in our community”. PDI was founded in 1992 with the initial focus on free testing and services to HIV-positive individuals in Wichita to include case management, housing, and a food pantry with an intermittent attention on prevention. In 2016, PDI refocused its mission solely on preventing HIV and STI's after an assessment of local resources for HIV-positive patients showed duplicative services were being offered in the area without a direct focus on prevention.


PDI provides free, walk-in testing to everyone age 16 and older in the greater Wichita metropolitan area and collaborates with other public health organizations that prevent, treat, and track local STI outbreaks. PDI also partners with local businesses and organizations who serve its target populations to distribute more than 3,000 free condoms in 20 different locations around Wichita and host outreach events. Condoms, other prophylactics, and educational resources are also available at PDI’s headquarters.


Despite efforts from PDI and partner organizations, there is still much work to be done. In 2017, over 40% of the newly diagnosed incidents of HIV in Kansas occurred in youth ages 13-24 (n=40). Youth also made up nearly one-third of newly diagnosed HIV and HIV Stage-3 in Wichita and the south-central counties in 2017 (n=13). Men-who-have-sex-with-men (MSM) comprised nearly 55% of the total prevalence of HIV and Stage-3 cases in the state of Kansas in 2017 (n=1,680) and 56% of the total cases in Wichita and the south-central counties (n=565).


Your continued support and donations will greatly improve the ability of PDI to accomplish its vision of zero new cases of HIV/STI's in the Wichita area. Thank you!

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