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Portable Visions, with Mary Petto

I help women, men, and children create positive change in their lives, manifest their desires, and experience unlimited joy by harnessing the incredible power we each have within us to do so with the Law of Attraction and creative visualization. I've helped people find romance super fast, helped people struggling with work issues overcome barriers instantly, and I've also helped  tweens and teens quickly fix challenging situations in school. I created Portable Visions to offer immersive workshops, one-on-one guidance, and group presentations, as well as the Vision in Progress™ Box, and it is my hope that more people will begin to see the benefits of visualization and create the joy in their lives we are all meant to have.


Many experts around the globe, for thousands of years, have explored the important connections between the mind and the body. From science and psychology, from modern-day life coaches and the great philosophers, there is agreement on these few matters:

  1. Thoughts create things.

  2. Your thoughts attract the people and situations that vibrate at the same frequency.

  3. Energy flows where your intention goes!

  4. You have enormous healing potential. The goal is learning to access it.

Let's work together to make your magic happen!


Looking forward to working with you!






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