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Point Blank Firearms & Self Defense Training

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Point Blank Firearms & Self Defense Training, LLC''S owner is a law enforcement verern and locally owned business in Palmer, Alaska. Whether you are a first-time gun owner looking for a beginners class or an enthusiast wanting to further enhance your skills, turn to Point Blank Firearms & Self Defense LLC. We offer courses for all skill levels. Our certified firearms instructors are focused on your training, safety and education.

POINT BLANK is nationally known throughout the US teachings,Civilian Active Shooter Ressponse, Instructor Development, USCCA Instructor Courses, Inside & Outside the Home Scenario Based Training, Judgemental Training with the Shooting Simulator and Active Shooter Response for church security, corporations and hospitals.

Our staff members are certified across multiple oversight agencies such as the NRA, USCCA, UTM, Simunitions, & A.L.I.C.E and Certified Natioanal Law Enforcment Firearms Instructor and a cerifited Insturctor for LEO on Less Lethal and more...

At Point Blank Firearms and Self Defense Training, we're committed to providing you the very best instruction and support in the industry.

To learn more about Point Blank visit our website at or find us on Facebook Point Blank Firearms & Self Defense Training.