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Playmore & Prosper

Playmore and Prosper is a collaborative community of health and wellness professionals who provide a unique, evidence-based, experiential approach to counseling and group wellness services. Our mission is to use activity and the expressive arts to invite people into personal growth experiences. We provide three main services: 

  1. Counseling: When more personalized attention is needed to grow and heal, Playmore’s therapists offer a safe space to explore concerns as well as activity-based mediums to discover solutions.

  2. Group Wellness Opportunities: We host expressive arts and group wellness classes that promote wellbeing. Lead by licensed and certified health and wellness professionals our classes do more than merely teach. They engage the mind, body and soul to unlock “body road blocks” and free our potential for growth and healing.

  3. Training: We consider our time with clients to be a privilege and a responsibility which is why we emphasize and provide continuing education for ourselves and others

At Playmore & Prosper we believe less in the need to solve problems, and far more in the power of living solutions! In fact, it is frequently our minds search for answers and attempted solutions which are the problem itself! Rather, we utilize various forms of activity (dance, drama, art, music, etc.) to quiet the mind, and allow our body and soul to speak solutions. Personal growth (and healing) become real when the mind, body, and soul have a unified understanding - this happens through an experience. The activities facilitated at Playmore & Prosper are aimed at facilitating just these sorts of experiences. We call these personal growth experiences. Such experiences are the keys that unlock prosperity. 

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