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Play It Out Loud

Improv has been my go-to practice on stage and off for the past four years. Through this journey, I discovered how much easier it is to use my whole self to transform my experience through play, rather than struggling to “figure things out” with just my brain. I enjoy applying the fundamental improv principle, Yes, And, to my life. I invite you to say YES to what what you are creating in your life and to acknowledge yourself as a powerful creator. Then ask… What’s the AND? How can I use what’s here to inspire and create what I really want? I’m a certified Hendricks’ Big Leap Coach and facilitator ( and I’ve also been practicing traditional theater improv since 2015, graduating from Seattle’s Unexpected Productions School of Improv ( I created Play It Out Improv to inspire and empower people to celebrate and improvise with what is, to instantly create what they really want. 

I facilitate by mixing improv exercises and whole body activities that engage our body’s intelligence for maximum fun and full expression.

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