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PINTADOS FMA Filipino Combat Arts Academy Korea

Pintados FMA Filipino Combat Arts Academy was founded by Grand Master Oliver Garduce. It is based on the martial arts foundations of Kombatan, Kali, Arnis, Eskrima, Silat and others.

For the fist time he will be visiting Korea to teach advanced beginners and master's self-defence.

Grand Master Oliver Garduce comes from an impressive line of warriors. He began his Martial Arts training at a very early age under his grandfather and father (a Samar Waray Warrior), and was also taught by their Grand Masters in the more traditional Punite with specializations in Silat.


Continuing his passion for the Arts, GM Oliver became one of the pioneers of Kombatan along with his Mentor Ernesto Presas, a specialist in double stick fighting and the founder of Kombatan. The three Presas brothers were well known for their skill in the Filipino Martial Arts. The brothers included Roberto Presas, the youngest brother and founder of Hinigaran Arnis and the famous Remy Presas, the founder of Modern Arnis.


Grand Master Oliver later went on to join the Filipino Police force in 2000. It is here that he also joined the Filipino Special Forces where, due to his speed, stamina and his ability to always have a constant smile, was given the nickname of “d'Smilin'Assassin” (the Smiling Assassin). His mastery and love of the Martial Arts gave him the opportunity to become the official trainer of the Police and Special Forces to whom he taught weaponry, empty hands, knife, ground fighting, and hand-cuffing techniques.


When invited to Ireland to teach the Filipino Arts to a group of MMA fighters, he got a taste of the world outside of the Philippines. Soon after, his Grand Master and Mentor, Ernesto Presas, passed away. This compelled GM Oliver to explore more of the world outside of the Philippines and he decided to emigrate to Canada where he quickly joined the local FMA community. Soon after he founded his own Filipino Combat Arts Academy, called Pintados, and was invited as a Grand Master to teach across Canada.


Grand Master Oliver lives and breathes Martial Arts and is now, for the first time, bringing his teachings to South Korea to start his world tour. In Partnership with HOKI Taekwondo, we are now launching Pintados Korea. Join us for the first workshop seminars of Pintados Korea FMA and an experience worth remembering.


GM Oliver’s Qualifications / Ranks Achieved:

8th Degree Black belt-Trecehampas Arnis Sikaran
8th Degree Black belt-Amara Arkanis Sistemang Praksiyon
7th Degree Black belt-Arnis Kombatan Filipino Martial Arts, Philippine Weaponry
3rd Degree Black belt-Karate Cojukap,Vilkat
2nd Degree Black belt-Aikido
1st Degree Black belt-Sin Moo Hapkido


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