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Pink Ribbon Girls

To help ease the minds of individuals and families affected by breast cancer and other women's reproductive cancers with direct services and support.

Balance the fear and uncertainty that cancer brings to individuals and families by providing meals, transportation, housecleaning, and peer support.

Build connections with our PRG family and our communities by setting standards of efficiency and accountability.

Grow the PRG family so that “No One Travels this Road Alone.”

Core Values
Support with Experience and Compassion: Provide our PRG family members with services to ease the workload of daily life while providing access to peer support so they may be informed and comforted from wisdom of others who have traveled this road before them.

Fiscal Responsibility: Donors entrust us with their contributions. In return, we will provide information on how their contributions directly benefit individuals and families fighting breast cancer.

Inspiration and Remembrance: We are inspired by those that have fought the battle and motivated by those that need us so they can Simply Fight.

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