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PHP Agency Boston

PHP Agency was founded 6 years ago by well known entrepreneur Patrick Bet David.

In that time the company has grown to 3700 agents in 49 states.  The mission of our company is simple:

  1. 1. Provide financial education to the largely forgotten middle class who continues to fall behind the top 10%.
  2. 2. Provide opportunity to people interested in learning about personal finance who are driven to share that knowledge with those in their community.  

Unlike most stuffy insurance companies our goal is simple..."We're going to make it cool to be a Life Insurance Agent" Patrick Bet David

We are young, we are tech savvy and we don't look like most insurance agencies or their agents...

  • Average age 32
  • 53% female
  • 49% Hispanic  23% non-white

In summary our agents look like the USA.  

We don't care where, or even if, you went to college.  

We don't care what you are doing now for a living.  

Like with any business, it takes drive, discipline, determination.  Unlike most you get to look back and say to yourself, "I really made a difference in that family's life when they needed it most".

From personal experience I can tell you that is a GREAT feeling!

And we believe, once you see what the wealthy have known for generations you immediately "get" why so many families are struggling to get by.

We want to change that.  You can help!

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