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Being P.H.A.T Girl Fresh exceeds the size of your hips. Goggle says the word Phat refers to something or someone that is excellent and good. Being P.H.A.T Girl Fresh is about being the best (excellent and good) woman that you can be. It is about your ability and willingness to love yourself and others. Being Phat Girl Fresh is an unapologetic statement to the world that you are bold, fierce and fearless. The intent is to; spread the message of self love among our sisters no matter our differences, encourage our daughters to embrace the class and beauty of being ladies while preparing them for life.

I chose hearts as my logo because hearts are curvy with straight parts like women. Hearts represent love. The color pink is used to identify the female gender which I love and respect. The pink is also the color of the breast cancer ribbon ( I am a survivor/warrior), in honor of Leola Mott; a lovely spirit that I lost to the disease. Purple is the color of the lupus ribbon which is a disease that affects many women including my inspiration, Ms. Linnie McCoy (big mama). Purple is also the color that represents another issue that affects women, domestic violence. The hearts are intertwined because we are all connect is the game of life and the sisterhood of womanhood.

We are Passionate (about life), we are Happy (with who we are), we are Appreciative (of God for his blessings) and we are True (to ourselves and others. WE ARE P.H.A.T GIRL FRESH!!!!!

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