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Coach, author, therapist and former carer, Peter Wright is a personal development and performance coaching specialist. His journey to coaching, particularly from the mental perspective, began in the early 1990s starting with his own sporting performance and then quickly moved to coaching young athletes. This developed into mainstream therapy, personal development and performance coaching, where he has been professionally working with many clients of all ages since quitting his previous "day job" in 2005. 

Along the way Peter has written 8 books on coaching, personal change and optimising individual and team performance approaches. In that time Peter was also full-time live-in carer for his father, who was in his 90's and suffered from dementia. Peter readily admits that without his understanding of the human mind, he would have been unable look after his Dad at home, in familiar surroundings and amongst all his hobbies and pleasures.

The Weekend Walks are part of Peter's business at The Wright Way Ltd in which he works with clients across a wide spectrum of activities - from teaching cricket to children in schools, working with teams in business and particularly sport to optimise their collective performance, to individuals with perhaps stress-related issues, phobic and other behavioural responses, or help with making crucial decisions in their lives going forward.

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